When fabric starts to fray it can be difficult to identify how it began. Each thread is integral and one thread left out or unattended to will diminish the strength of the whole—but accounting for each and every thread can be complex. We believe the need to think and act interdependently and the gap in our ability to do so sits at the heart of our most difficult problems today. Thread Count specializes in not only recognizing how social and ecological systems are interconnected and dynamic but in being able to distill that complexity and see the unseen. We thread connections and understand where and how to engage the fray.

We are designers, artists, technologists, theorists, and urbanists; inspiring participation, fueling the imagination and driving the ideation of new scenarios. We work to move beyond the patches and into enhancing a system's own ability to repair itself. At the intersection of systems thinking, social practice art, participatory design, and grounded research, our work produces new directions forward.